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In the preface to this small anthology, Richard Krawiec explains, “At a meeting of the North Carolina Haiku Society, the subject of numbers came up. Can someone write and publish too many haiku? . . . I asked Lenard D. Moore . . . how many of his published haiku he thought would survive beyond his death. He considered it for a while then answered, ‘Seven.’” Hence the title and the premise of this book. Kraweic went on to contact editors asking them to send a list of the best haiku poets. He culled a list of 100 suggested writers to 14 and then asked for their ten best haiku, and then the editors, Beary & Moore (whose own work is included) chose seven for each poet... The haiku resonate with familiarity and the universal appeal of the experience and/or the image. — Judges' Comment

Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award

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