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2022 Touchstone Awards for Individual Haibun – Awarded

Thrilled to announce my haibun ‘After Long Absence’ received a Touchstone Award from The Haiku Foundation.

Many thanks to the awards panel and congratulations to my co-winners, poets Lew Watts and Alan Peat.


After Long Absence

the wrinkles on your face have as many different patterns as a snowflake.

a snowflake falls between us signaling a change in the temperature like an avalanche brewing in the teapot.

in the teapot you gave me so many Christmases ago I save the letters you wrote when you loved me.

when you loved me the weather didn’t matter because every day was a rainbow made of angel wings.

angel wings on the snow-covered ground form a pattern made by children.

children we always meant to have.

dna chart
a part of me
still missing


—Roberta Beary, Contemporary Haibun Online 18.3

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