New Collection


carousel moving through my childhood

Snapshot Press is proud to announce the publication of CAROUSEL, a new collection of haiku by Roberta Beary.

‘Masterfully weaving haiku moments into a compelling narrative, Carousel captures the arcs of family relationships through flashes of insight that flare in our memories. Like Beary’s The Unworn Necklace, it is a book to read again and again.’
Timothy Green
Editor, Rattle

‘A fearless poet who writes on familial cycles that, like samsara or the title’s carousel, inform their present. Beary’s poems seek to exorcise, to bring to light the hidden, the shameful, until they have no power over us.’
Paul Miller
Editor, Modern Haiku

‘Addressing themes ranging from the heart-breaking to the humorous, Carousel is a stellar collection of breathtakingly exquisite and hauntingly evocative poems. Roberta Beary ranks among the finest practitioners of haiku in English today.’
Clare MacQueen
Editor, MacQueen’s Quinterly


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