Dandelion Clocks

Book Cover: Dandelion Clocks

The Special Award for Anthology was awarded to dandelion clocks edited by Roberta Beary [DC] and Ellen Compton [DC]. Last year, 2008, marked the 40th anniversary of the Haiku Society of America. Co-editors Beary and Compton, both seasoned writers and winning editors, compiled an attractive and engaging volume from the best available haiku and senryu sent from HSA members. Novice writers are featured alongside seasoned veterans for a refreshing equity. — Judges' Comment, Haiku Society of America Book Award 2009

"This collection of haiku indicates the diversity that is prevalent in the twenty-first century. During the fortieth year of the Haiku Society of America, editors Roberta Beary and Ellen Compton perhaps had gender and culture in mind while selecting the best available haiku from members of the Haiku Society of America. What about identity and its meaning in this rich anthology? How do the poets engage political, social, and cultural dimensions in a technological world? What subjects are important to the poets in this book in the first decade of the century? How do these poets transform haiku? The answers are in the poems, though with stylistic differences. . . “ from the introduction by Lenard D. Moore


Haiku Society of America Merit Book Award
Special Award for Anthology

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